In this article I want to share with you the preview of the amazing things I am preparing to be near you even though we cannot physically see each other right now.

Do you like the idea? I am sure of yes and above all I am convinced that you will smile at the end of this article.

Many have told me that you want to be at my feet.

Physically at the moment it’s just a postponed possibility, but let’s try together to relive the pleasure of a fetish session with me.

What do you love about Fetish Sessions?

The great chats and laughs you can have together?

Because if I decide to make the Tickling (torture erotic tickling) and suffer .. I know you have no chance … you tie his hands and feet and can only laugh and beg for mercy while the fingers of my feet and hands will tickle parties more ticklish.

The smell of feet ? Ok we said it’s only postponed … Try closing your eyes and imagine my feet just taken off my shoes after a day of walking in the scorching sun, the smell fills the room, you find it a pungent smell and I oblige you to smell my socks and kiss my feet still wet … then when I decide I put the socks in your mouth .. and I go down with my fingertips to control your orgasm, because I am your mistress and I decide for you, when you can or can’t explode … as long as I feel like it …


I recently discovered an extremely funny practice … When you write to me:

“Do you do this practice?”

Initially, things always seem so absurd to me, especially because I don’t know them…. then when instead I decide to try something new and I like it … well I share it very happy with others!

The sploshing is a kind of pie in the face … when I was asked … and I decided to do it … well the fetishist in question could not begin to imagine what I would have combined … of course as you can see in the picture I have limited the face only… I highly recommend you if you want to try it to bring you a change of clothes… because I have no mercy !!! ?

This is a photo of an experience with this sploshing practice  then finished with the footjob … ?

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