Attracted By The Ages, A Sexual Orientation Like Any Other?

A British arbitration responds in the negative, but several hundred people having a romance with objects support it.

“You have to love anyone, anything, anyhow, as long as you love” , exhorted Alexandre Dumas fils, in The ideas of Madame d’Aubray . For her part, Amanda Liberty loves an old light. But not like an antique dealer would be passionate about a Directoire psyche. No, this British thirty-something loves Lumière, a chandelier bought on eBay in 2016, as we love a spouse. To the point of wanting to marry her.

And this despite the misunderstanding, the taunts, and even recent British arbitration that attraction to objects does not constitute sexual orientation. A judgment rendered in a discrimination complaint filed by Amanda Liberty against the tabloid The Sun.

No legal recognition

The dispute dates back to December 18. That day, the tabloid from across the Channel published an article awarding several “prizes”. Among them: that of the hypocritical eco, of zero and… The “Dagenham Award (Two Stops Past Barking)”, “crazy price” in French, for which Amanda Liberty is named winner, in reference to her inclination.

Deeming herself stigmatized, Amanda Liberty appealed to an independent UK press arbitrator, IPSO , claiming that the Sun had violated its code of conduct. Specifically the 12 th clause , which requires the press that banish the “prejudicial or pejorative reference to the sexual orientation of an individual.”

IPSO dismissed Amanda Liberty’s complaint. On the grounds that attraction to a chandelier did not meet the definition of the Equality Act 2010 , a British anti-discrimination law, according to which “sexual orientation is the orientation of a person towards a person of the same sex , or of the opposite sex ” . IPSO therefore concluded that its code offered protection ” only to individuals in relation to persons, and not to objects” .

The “objectum sexuals”

A decision fraught with meaning for an entire community. Because as unusual as Amanda Liberty’s taste is, it is not an exception. Indeed, the Objectum-Sexuality International ( OS Internationale ) association now has some 400 members who declare themselves to be “objectum sexuals”, that is to say attracted by inanimate objects.

Erika Eiffel founded OS Internationale in 2008. This American archery champion deplores IPSO arbitration while recognizing its legitimacy “in the eyes of the law”. “I give my full support to Ms. Liberty because I know what it is,” she says. Erika LaBrie, her birth name, also believes she has been the victim of offensive media coverage. Which made him lose his companion: the Eiffel Tower.

“I was transported by the energy of its architecture”

She fell in love with him as another would have fallen in love with a youthful idol. “I had been fascinated by the tower since childhood, then overwhelmed when I first saw it. Its structure, its decades of history, the touch of Gustave Eiffel… ”

At first reluctant to “give her heart to a public building”, she took the plunge and in 2007 organized a “commitment ceremony” after which she adopted the name of the Iron Lady.

But a “biased” media coverage suddenly puts an end to the romance. “One day, I agreed to participate in a documentary about my affair, hoping that it would bring comfort to those who think they are alone, as I have long believed to be. “

Called Bride at the Eiffel Tower , the film would have “sexualized” her relationship while passing it off as a “mental degenerate” . This led the Eiffel Tower Exploitation Company (SETE) to “push back” it . Forced to break with the building, Erika Eiffel has had other adventures since. She is currently living a happy relationship with an object which, this time, does not belong to any national heritage.

Ordinary loves

Erika Eiffel’s story is surprising. But in general, the springs of attraction towards objects are not so extraordinary. As for many, the members of OS Internationale discovered their orientation at puberty, we learn on the association’s website. And, in the same way that a heterosexual would have a typical person, objectum sexuals would be seduced by objects with precise geometry or function.

Sexuality comes into relationships ” like an expression of love, like any couple,” says Erika Eiffel. Before adding that the expressions of affection between the partners could “take other forms” .

The exchange of tender words for example? Impossible in the strict sense. But many sexual objectum would manage to communicate through sensations. Which would allow “in general” to feel a reciprocal flame. Still, every moment of love can be disappointed. On this point, everyone is in the same boat. Including objectum sexuals, which would sometimes experience the throes of a one-sided passion.

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