Anyone have any news of Fetish ?

It’s nice to know that many have looked for me directly and indirectly despite the fact that I don’t write for continuous periods…

I know that someone has asked about me on the forums and other users…. many others have contacted me directly. This certainly confirms the fact that I leave a trace where I pass and not just sweat … ?

I am writing this post to update us a little and respond a little in general also to those who follow me … and have never had the courage to write to me .. .. (As I always say … it is true that I am greedy … but I don’t eat anyone , try to write to me intelligently (with a complete description and perhaps specifying how long you have been following me and how you found me) and you will see ?

As many know, in early November I would have spent a few days in Emilia Romagna to participate in a business event, I could have given someone in the area the opportunity to enjoy my fragrant feet a little .

Unfortunately, the new Anti Covid provisions have blocked everything.

In this particular phase I decided to create something INNOVATIVE …

I like to surprise those who follow me and those who rely on me….

Do you want to know what it is?

Wait for the publication of the next article with these fantastic news.

In this graphic I show the most important stages of my fetish journey .

Well when I got to know the world of foot fetishism , a bit for fun, a bit out of curiosity, I never imagined creating everything I created, and finding myself where I am today.

I want to clarify that my Infographic is to visually understand how the time line is written, what I wrote is obviously not predictable, but if I had decided many years ago that after 10 years I would have been an authoritative and recognized fetish girl , ( as they are today ) well maybe not exactly the same steps, but definitely I could have done a similar path, my result is the result of a passion, there was never anything planned , this is also demonstrated by the discontinuity that I have had over the years writing this blog.

How does the Timeline work ?

First and foremost your goal must depend EXCLUSIVELY on YOU , no one else can be involved, otherwise it can’t work. Only you can decide to do things for yourself and carry them out.

Imagine to be the person you want to be in 18 months. .. (it is very important to establish a date), whether the topic is fetishism, love, work, the house you want, if you want a dog or change city … imagine each of these aspects of your life well : go into as much detail as possible without any limit to your imagination.

Experience the feelings of who you have become, then look back and write down everything you have done to get to where you are, the difficulties you have had to overcome and how you have overcome them.

The game is done.

So starting from the Future, I create the Present that I desire.

It is important to give yourself a date of 18 months, and to do everything possible to respect what we have chosen to do and become .

I add a practical example to deepen the concept:

Let’s assume that you live in an old house and decide to renovate it because there are things you don’t like or would like to improve …

Let’s start from the end, imagine exactly how you will feel when the house is finished, what color you want the walls, the type of furniture, the sofa, if you want a large kitchen, if you want to change the layout of the rooms, maybe you want to enlarge or tighten spaces, listen to the music you will hear when the house is ready, imagine the scent of dishes ready for dinner with friends, or if you love games, imaginethe noise you will make with your friends as you all play together with a cold beer in hand.

From there, think back to all the steps you took one at a time, and write them all down . You have probably bought new furniture or restored it. What choices did you make? You have asked for authorizations for particular jobs, you have lived for some time perhaps in uncomfortable spaces , if the money was not enough you will have worked for a while to find a way to gain more time, you will have sacrificed your free time … but today you have the results are only 18 months .

With this awareness and after having done a careful work on paper, start immediately from the first thing you want to do to realize your home or whatever your goal is, which depends only on you! Have a good trip ?

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